Sunday, November 06, 2005


Our Newspaper came out this Friday. The school of 2500 kids, 400 faculty, 10 - 20,000 parents/relatives (you have no idea how scary these stats can be) in our community read the newspaper with high expectations. And this year I think we finally have met their expectations. Our newspaper has been labelled "the best" (my dream come true!) in the entire school district despite being a completely student run publication. And why shouldn't it? Our newspaper crew is awesome. I worked really hard on this issue (reason for my absence from MP/msn) along with my buddy and fellow editor Sarah Foster nights and days, finding news and making people write stories, laying out pages, editing articles, finding pictures and collecting money by ads to cover the cost of publishing the newspaper. Man, I had to spend like half of my eid running around the printing agency. My Intelligent design/evolution article was front page (nerveracking! ahhh) and made a lot of people "think" (part of my secret plan) despite my objectivity. It was my turn this issue to do the She said opinion piece on which I just BSd my way through (I am getting increasingly good at BSing). My hurricane/ earthquake hardcore-support-Pakistan-or-DIE opinion piece didn't get published this issue because it wasn't fair for some of our reporters who didn't even get one story published when I had two ginormous ones.

I am really very happy and relieved at this point. I have to go make up those hours of sleep I squandered away working and worrying about our newspaper. In the meantime you guys can check it out here (stick around; it will take some time to load). I need more ideas to write about for the upcoming issue.

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Saturday, October 15, 2005

Earthquake - at the time of need (Please Donate!)

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Saturday, October 08, 2005


After 6 months of not showing up, due to lack of time, to the cubicle of a mosque (its actually a rented 3 gigantic bedroom house) in our little suburban town with a muslim community of approx less than a 100 people, I decided to accompany my parents, in order to escape hearing the how-all-muslims-should-stick-togather lecture. The mosque was just the way I left it half an year ago. Same tiny parking lot that is always short of space, same little building whose every inch recieves 200 V of lights, same old affable faces that know you by name, same little brats running back and forth the rooms as if it were a playground. I had to be extra careful not to accidently step on some little foot or worse, a head. My hand ached after going around the entire room, shaking hands with every single of those aunties, with a smile - or else they'd think you're some spoiled rude brat, and would enlighten others around the community with the same opinion in less than 24 hours. When the time came for iftaar, I was astonished to most of the ladies still looking so good and fresh while thier children looked as if they would collapse from starvation (I really need to find out what kind of makeup they use).

Despite the small community of muslims, our little mosque is representative of the entire muslim population: Pakistanis, arabics, iranians, asian, africans and even americans/europeans - all so immersed in prayers and able to contribute their time to the mosque despite their hectic schedules. Every time I go to the mosque I learn something new that inspires me for e.g. today I learned about a lady who is so adamant about fasting despite being severly diabetic and hypertensive and on the verge of passing out at the end of the day.I felt ashamed at the end for not spending much time there after a powerful commentary by the imam, I still feel disconcerted about not being able to devote as much time to the quran and getting out of the habbit of praying namaz 5 times .... a week; I am left with a powerful urge to do something worthwhile that would benefit others for a change.

Ramadan is the time when we realize how selfish and so wrapped up in ourselves we've been, so ignorant and apathetic to the world around us, it gives us a chance to get better recount and correct our flaws, helps us build patience that would last atleast most of the year(depending on how strictly you adhered to fasting) and reminds us of still all those impoverished hungry people around the world that have barely anything nutritious to eat or sanitary to drink, reminds us that how better off we are than millions, yet not as grateful. All this we forget again pretty soon - lost in worldly pleasures- again to be reminded same time around, an year or -for some- years later.

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Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Serial Procrastinator

I went brain-dead in the middle of a presantation today. I worked so hard on it.. don't know what happened. It's not that I lack speaking skills or anything, heck I was choosen the best speaker many times in seech/debate class; ugh it was an awful experience. I dunt quite remember the details exactly, and had a horible realezation that I was doing a horrible speech. When it hit me I just stood their dumb-struck for a long minute.. 30+ eyes glued examining my every move, my every word. And all I could say was "Ummm..." And ended the presentation abruptly. Ugh I feel terrible. I discussed it at length with a friend and according to her it is all because of my procrastination. Yeah, let's face it.. I AM a serial procrastinatator. Maybe my getting 3 hours of sleep everyday for a week at the same time overwerking myself could lead to going brain-dead. It so happins that I HAD to go brain-dead in the middle of a presentation. Senioritis is also kiciking in big time. I can't even stay on long enough to finish this post because I have been kicking myself in the shins to get done with homework first. Once I start doing hw, there is no chance of me coming back. Pardon my spilling mistakes uncoherent post and my excesive full stops. Another side efect of going brain dead is zat you kant rite animore, let alone think.

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Sunday, September 04, 2005

This is the coolest site. I love all the articles written my Hamzah Moin, especially the one on Prom, Online Nikkah and Ways Hijab can save lives.

Moving on to (former Hamzah Moin site) for more outrageously hilarious articles.

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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If only I had some more time...

The senior year has begun *runs around throwing tantrums*. Shouldn't that be a pleasent thought? I think not, and you will agree with me is you have a glimpse at my schedule..

AP English
Ap Chemistry
Analytic Geometry
AP statistics
AP European history

The amount of homework I get in those AP classes will drive even the most sane person up the wall. As for me, I was never sane anyway.

Clubs I have decided to join in my senior year: Young Democrats, Model U.N (hoping to be the treasurer), Teen Volunteers, Mu Alpha Theta (probably running for V.Pres), National Honor Society, Current Events Club (I happen to be the co-founder), Medical Exploration (elected secretary last meeting yippeee).

And ofcourse, newspaper is a category of it's own. They promoted me to be the editor this year. *runs around in ellipses* What am I to do? A goofball like me... leading and taking responsibility of the goofball crew and their dozens of articles as well as writing mine? *throws a fit*

And yes, Tennis. How short and pleaseant does this phrase sound "I'm in tennis," what you don't know is that behind this little phrase is HOURS of practice, dedication and TIME (something I am running short of these days).

How am I going to survive? Filling out those fricking scholarships takes about 3-4 hours each. And how many should I apply for mom? "Several, honey." What is that supposed to mean mom? "Oh, atleast 20 to 30.. comon I know my baby can do it." I am still undecided about my colleges, for all I know I could be going to Oklahoma University or Vanderbilt Uni or Rice Uni or Baylor or UConn or John Hopkins or even Stanford. Those stupid college application takes years to fill.

So I might'nt even be regular on my blog anymore. (I don't remember being regular anyway). I'll post one of my editorials, pictures, reviews once in a while.

So keep visiting you non-commenting blog-lurkers.

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Thursday, August 25, 2005

Lets Drive Dude!

"Now when you are on a t-intersection and even if you have the right-of-way you better stop if another car is speeding and is not slowing down. At the end of the day you'll end up saving your life. And also when you are at a stoplight.. blah blah bleh de blah blah.. la de da blah blah.. and some more blahs... Now I want you to take this (signing at a piece of paper while my heart played drumroll) and take it to your nearest tag agency, and get your driving liscence."
- Driving Examiner

This last sentence was the most beautiful thing I've heard in a long time. The one sentence my ears ached to hear. The one senctence that could only be spoken to you once in your life. I couldn't believe my ears. Me, a straight A student, euphoric over a mere driving exam? Nobody has ANY idea how it feels to finally get your liscence after flunking the exam twice. My dad wouldn't believe me when I walked back to the examiners office to tell him I passed after passing a crowd full of nosy people whose eyes were glued to me and who made sure that they found out whatever happened to the nervous little wreck. When dad finally came back to his senses, he made sure the examiner was properly "thanked". It was embarrasing really. But finally I won't be a leech to my friends anymore, you know the leechy friend who ALWAYS needs a ride? My heart fills with pleasure when I think how I could finally call the Ford Focus that has been sitting around in my garage, Mine. I want to etch the words "Mine" all over it. "I never pray for anybody, but I'd pray for you to pass that damn exam of yours. You BETTER pass, if you fail this time you should never be allowed to drive again," said Racheal the night before my test, time to show up on her door and surprise her. Also, In honor of me getting the liscence I get to ditch the rest of the school day and enjoy some Braum's german choc. tub of icecream.

Ah, life is beautiful.

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