Saturday, October 30, 2004

Meet the Family

It's Saturday night. I'm im my aunt's house in Dallas having a family reunion that takes place every two weeks. My brother and my lil cuzzies are providing background music; yelling on top of their voices ofcourse singing some stupid Spiderman song. The girls are doing each others makeup. Mom, phopee, chachi and the other chachi are debating over who should take the leftover biryani that we had after today's iftaar party. I don't understand sometimes, my two aunts are psychiatrists, the other one is a dentist, and my mom a gynecologist; despite being so highly educated whenever they meet up they all behave like traditional housewives whose lives are only limited to food, clothes and shopping. Ah women will always be .. women. Dad and other uncles are discussing tax returns *yawn*. While I, after alot of trouble, have excused myself from their company, pretending to be doing my so called 'HW', as I am really tired by the way and if I roam around they'll give me something to do. Such as "Honey will you take care of the kids?" now that will be another hour of running after the lil dweebs.

One of the sweetest things that I got to see this weekend was my lil cuzzin Zain; walking! He has no sense of direction, if he wants to walk forward he will go sideways instead. It was like yesterday when I held that tiny being in arms for the first time in the hospital. I'd never forget that day. I was so scared to hold him, what if I dropped him or something? What if I held him too tight? How should I protect his fragile neck? Why is he staring constantly at me with those googly huge eyes? It's been 10 months since then and now.. he sits on my shoulders without any fear. Plus there are rumors that my aunt is pregnant.. again. (Inshallah!). Yippeeeee- yaayyy! That'll be 24 cousins in total! mashallah.

Right now, I'm supposed to a report on the Lunar Eclipse that took place on the 28th which I happened to miss. My granny won't let me watch it. "It's EVIL. Don't look at it! Don't even go outside, it's an evil evil time right now!" Oh sweet granny. She's such a darling. I had to listen to her, didn't have a choice.As most of you know, she is suffering from liver cancer and doesn't have alot of time :(. Now I am supposed to make-up an entire paper about how exhilarating an experience it was to watch the Lunar Eclipse.

Darn, the family is watching my aunt and uncles 20 year old wedding movie! Can't miss it for my life! Guess that paper and my blogging has got to wait.

Sui Generis at 8:36 PM


Wednesday, October 27, 2004

Who's Yo Moma?

At 8 Am:

Me: "Yo mom, look at my recent sketch. I did it last night"
Mom: "Wow honey, it's gorgeous!"
Bro *fuming*: WHAT IS WRONG WITH HER? She does everything perfect! I want to draw like you, I want to write like you, damn, I wanna be like you! And guess what? I DONT LIKE YOU!"
*storms away his spine ramrod straight*
Me *feeling depressed*; What the heck got into him? Am I really that horrible Ma?
Mom: You didn't get it did ya?
Me. Get what?
Mom: You're a role model honey!
Me *looks around 360 degrees*: you talkin' to me?.. MOI? A rr..r..role model for my bro? That's crazy!
Mom: it's true. And not just for him but for all the little girls and guys in the family, they look up to you.
Me: You're kiddin' right? hahaha! It's not funny though.
Mom: Nope it's true. Whenever the kids do something wrong, your aunts tell them "Have you see Anum Baji do that? Don't you want to be like her? Then stop that and come with me.." they listen to her right away. Since you are one of the eldest girls in our family, you serve as a model for all the little ones; you actions determine your character. So here is a helpful hint: think twice before you make your actions.
Me: *speechless* That's a LOT of responsibility mom. But it feels good to be a role model. *does the little who's you mama dance*

At 8 pm: It's hard to be role model you know. Knowing that everyone is watchinnnnggg youuu.. *eerie music*. I tried to make all the right choices today. I refused to go to lunch with friends, instead I helped out at the library. I did all the extra credits for a 110 percent. And *gasp* I joined the SADD (students against drugs and drinking) and Volunteering Club. I did not cuss. I did not snap back to my EVIL track coach who made me run 2 miles during fast. And *double and loud gasp* yup, I cleaned my room.

Heck, role models are boring! They are too perfect. I am far far away from perfect. And I am bound to mess up anytime now and then. I don't care what the world thinks of me.. I'm just gonna be my myself. If the kids still want me as a role model, good for them.

I told my mom about my conviction, she laughed heartily and said "You don't have to change yourself to be a role model. You ARE one, idiot!"

I guess she is right; I am an idiot, BUT .....a role model. :D

Oooo..oooo... Who's Yo Mama?.. Who's YOU MAMA? Who's you moma? Ooooo.. *continues dancing*

Sui Generis at 11:59 PM


Monday, October 25, 2004

Mundane Monday

I hate Monday! It's the most gloomy day for a cheerful person like me. I can't help feeling tired, lazy, bored out of mind and ready to kill someone. If it wasn't for the oh-so-hilarious! Mr. Enfield in my first hour Journalism class, I probably would have unintentionally stabbed the girl next to me. He is one of the coolest teachers I know. I asked him yesterday "Mr. Enfield what was your best costume on Holloween?", he replied back with a smirk "last year I dressed myself up as God's gift to women," I hope he didn't mind as I started laughing like a lunatic. Imagine the extremely chubby, 50 something ole Mr. Enfield with a nose that resembels Bozo, dressed as God's gift to women? He should worship his wife everyday for sticking with him so long. Anyhow I love that guy, he is letting me do a story on Ireland in the upcoming issue of school newspaper. Gotta make it worth remembering!

For my Astronomy class, I have to go observe the stars outside today night. I feel very stupid sitting there under a starry sky at 12 am trying to connect stars into constellations. I hate connecting dots. I've always been bad at it. I told Ms. Gryzbowski the astronomy teacher about my weakness but she wouldn't quite comprehend. Our school lacks intelligent and understanding teachers. Such as my track coach; she wouldn't understand when I told her I couldn't run because I was fasting. And if I fainted or died there because of dehydration it would be her fault. She still forced me to run a mile an hour before iftaar. Oh how I detest her! My friend Lily went as far dropping down to her knees and begging me to quit track and join Rugby, but I haven't paid much attention to her. Partly because of the rumor that petite little thing, Lily, has tackled and almost choked even the big football player guys. If I do join rugby, I'll have to force her to stay atleast 50 feet away from me. And with the attitude of my trackl coach I probably will join rugby.

I gotta go stare at the sky now, try to conjure some constellations out of my imagination. And then finally I'll call it a day! *yawns*

Sui Generis at 6:39 PM


Sunday, October 17, 2004



that's what most of you guys probably said when you saw my blog. I understand.. I feel the same way. I had to drag my lethargic self into creating this sanctuary this Ramadan after promising myself last January that I'd create one soon. Fellow procrastinators would understand. It took up alot of work, alot of help (thanks Milesy!) and ta-daa this glorious moment has come where I can finally rejoice over the blogs completion. And yes, I call it a sanctuary.. as this place is only limited to me, some old friends and online buddies. I'm not allowing my family or current friends here, as there would be 200 people everyday, scrutinizing every detail, in this blog which'll make me feel very restricted. One bias word against someone would lead me into weeks of apologizing. I can't afford that. So if you happen to know my family.. you better put a sock in it as I'll have to shove one in there if I doubt you.

So anyhow, Welcome to my blog! I'm sick and tired of loosing people's numbers, their emails, and keeping track of the emails. (SUCKS when you move alot). I want to talk to my old friends but never get the chance. Half of them are still mad at me, and the rest half are even mad-er. I hate email-ing. It takes me forever to write letters. (the last letter I wrote to my friend Ave, in Ire .. took me 2 weeks!). So a very neat idea came to my mind, to create a wonderful blog.. so everybody can still be able to be in touch with me and find out what I'm upto. Therefore here, I will write about my fading memories (which I want to preserve), my current life and my aspirations for the future. The more you read, the better you'll understand why they call me the Sui Generis. ;)

Also, a very very Happy Ramadan to ALL ya'll! (I feel like a hillbilly saying ALL YA'LL as it does not make any sense but hey, its just so addictive) I'll try to come blog after iftaar these days, as my blogging would never make sense when I'm starving. (alot of you already know, that I talk gibberish during fasting).

I think I did enough blogging for today. Compliments and insults all accepted. Cya laters All ya'll. :D

Sui Generis at 1:13 PM


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