Friday, November 26, 2004

Do you know what it feels like to be overly obeese, absolutely lethargic and horrendously ugly?

Good. Neither do I. And I hope I don't ever find it out either.

*resumes doing the 250th situp*

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Tuesday, November 16, 2004

The glorious eid day

I forgot to charge my brand new camera phone the day before (you know it's hard to get in the habbit of charging again). Could only take two pictures. But had a great eid. Got alot of cash (mashallah). And yeah henna turned out fab! Did I mention that instead of loosing 8 pounds, I gained them this ramadan. hehehe. It's true olrite. 3 pounds on eid alone. I think the extra weight kind of looks cute for now.. but it won't last long. Starting the strict exercise regime after eid.

PEACE out!

Just keep smiling! :D Posted by Hello

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Chaand raat fun

Two days before eid mom got me a brilliant, beautiful and expensive picture camera phone. I've abused it enough on chaand raat. Here are some silly pictures I took.

he is so cute, I can eat this muffin whole! (no really, he is called muffin)

aint he adorable? Dozing off on his rocking chair on chaand raat.

The mehindi-work-zone. Lasted almost all night

yeah one hand aint enough, do the other one too.

Look at that shtyle, yup she loves her henna.

Gotta love this kid. Aint she adorable showing off her henna?

my baby, zainy boy. A little puzzled right thurr.

why should I be left out? I want mehindi too.

Here look at the squiggly faces and dinos on my hand.

check out MY horrible mehindi skills on my cousin

check out my mehindi, aint it pretty? Mom did it.

the back. Gosh I love my mom!

my damn-straight hair gone curly on chaand raat. Silly girls. Ugh, we'll forgive 'em. Posted by Hello

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Tuesday, November 09, 2004

All Tangled Up In Me

It was pretty odd to go to school today after a week long rest. Most people I didn't even know seemed worried about me. That might have been partly because I was as pale as a ghost, and Sarah speaking to me on the phone the day before had announced to the world that I'm "Ohhhh sooo terriiblyy sick". People thought I was dying or something. My astronomy teacher gave me a big hug, although that was really scary but for the first time I realized she is not that SPACED out (get it? astronomy ..spaced out? hehehe) .. plus she smelt really nice. Later that day, we stayed to watch the conjunction of Jupitar and Saturn. It was really cool to see the ring on Saturn.. an exhilarating experience indeed! If she hadn't given us another 3 page report to do on it I would have given her a hug in return!

My track coach was going ballasticisimus on me, when I told her I am not going to be able to run for another week or two. I know I'd get totally out of shape for the next competition.. but you know what? I think it's been enough stress for me already. The track coach is a mean unappreciating, selfish, jerk who needs to be stranded on an island without food for a month with two untamed bulldogs which will chase her around for hours without a break, and then maybe she would understand how it feels like when you run 3 miles 2 hours before fasting. I think I'm going to quit and join a laid-back, relaxing sport such as.. softball or maybe tennis? Which are stress-free and a whole lot more fun! Or maybe not to do any sport at all for a while, give myself a break.. and focus on college applications, scholarships and maybe help out sometimes with all the clubs I joined. Since we are talking about clubs lets have a look at my extracurricular activities..

French Club,
Mu Alpha Theta
Model United Nations (debate club)
Psychology club
Medical Exploration Club
Teen Volunteers
National Honor Society
Academic Club (I sadly, haven't been to any meetings yet as they are always on SATURDAYS, the only day I save for myself to relax and chill.. which prevents me from turning schizophrenic)

in addition to that I have AP US history, AP Biology and AP English (the homework I get everyday would be a nightmare for any normal teenager). I also have to write articles for newspaper. My SAT/ACT prep course every two weeks, guitar lessons every month and oh yes, volunteering at the local hospital, which I love, every week. Plus I have to go to the astronomy observations every two weeks. I have to also fill out all the college application forms and essays! AND go visit my family every two weeks AND remember and call all my old friends AND still find time for new friends AND overcome my internet addiction AND watch the incredibles this weekend AND it looks like I'm turning insane. AGHHHHHHHH!!!

I think I am going to go sleep now.

But wait! Isn't it one of the lailatul Qadr today? .. .... Bye Bye oh sweet sleep ..

Sui Generis at 8:14 PM


Wednesday, November 03, 2004

The Morning After

On November 3, assuming we have a decision, America will wake up to either a President returning to office or a newly elected one. To the victor goes a nation divided. A nation split over its place in the world, over values, over its future direction. No matter who wins, the Uncivil War is likely to continue. Afer such venomous campaign, will it be possible to pick up the pieces, bridge the gaps and reunite the United States? To restore trust - not only in our leader but also in one another? The stakes are higher than we could have imagined.

- Time Magazine.

Once again, "never overestimate the American public" says my French-American History teacher. A statement that his become a firm conviction for me and the many more sensible people out there. After a season of passion and poison would the president famous for "When in doubt, start a War." would be able to pick up the pieces and restore peace and harmony in the country? I doubt it.

It will take me and the rest of the 55 million Americans a long to heal.

Sui Generis at 11:06 PM


Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Vote or DIE!

I caught the flu. One more reason not to vote for Bush! All the flu vaccines in Texas and Oklahoma and probably the rest of the US are contimated. So taaa-daaa.. people with bad immunity are left suffering from ..flu. I'm like a child who has been banished to the room after throwing spinach at the cat. No really, nobody comes in to my room unless they wear the home-made-flu-protection-mask (a dupatta wraped around their faces; which only my lil bro stubbornly follows) and I'm not allowed to leave the room. That's right, I am contagious. My parents have stuffed me with all the multivitamins, calcium tablets and antibiotics they could possibly think of. (sucks when your parents are doctors). I am skipping school today and tomorrow. And the worst part.. I am not allowed to fast until I get better. I NEVER miss my rozay (intentionally).. yup NEVER, my parents won't here my rant, in order to hush me mom made lasagna and is orderring Pizza Hut's stuffed crust with extra cheese (my favourite) for me. I hope Allah forgives me. Mom says it's okay to mizz rozay when you're sick.. I hope it's true. I played my acoustic guitar for two hours straight. I read the latest issue of time-magazine from cover to cover and still it's only noon. I had to sneak quietly and get the laptop from the study room. So here I am, sick, lonely, on my bed with this laptop. My only source to connect with the outside world for now.

I read the Onion, CNN, BBC and the sort, and the only hot thing they talk about is Bush Vs. Kerry. When it comes down to voting, first: I do not agree with the two-party system in which two dictatoral parties fight for power. What if you don't agree with the views of either party? And they call America a "democracy". But since I'd rather vote than be apathetic towards the future of America, I'd vote for Kerry. Not because I like him but because I dislike him less than Bush. His discrepancies are what that attract me. They show that he is not a hard-headed, stubborn man who would never accept his mistakes. Although I do not agree with Kerry's opinion on gay marriages and excessively taxing the rich, I, for the only reason would vote for him because he won't make up some lame excuses to go kill innocent people in muslim countries. He would accept his mistakes and change tactics when America depends on him. Never in the American history did we have a deficit as big as one right now. Bush created a MESS in Iraq. It's in worse shape than it had ever been. Where were the weapons of mass destruction? Whatever happened to his vow to capture Bin Laden by the end of this October? "Oh we didn't catch him.. but we got Saddam." Yeah, like Saddam ever killed any Americans or did America any harm. *rollseyes* Who was America in the first place to butt in with issues of other countries? All this UN crap is bullsh*t, where is UN when the world needs it? If Bush were re-elected, his next target would be Iran. That hard-headed man is not going to change his mind. I pity all those Americans who would rather lose thousands of jobs, would rather disrupt the quality of life, would rather live in a constant threat and hatred from other nations, would rather send thousands of young boys as troops to be killed, than vote for someone who would be against this whole scenario. So go out there, Vote! The future is in your hands! As P. Diddy says VOTE or DIE!

Oh, here comes my other dose of multivitamins .. and oh Pizza! We'll have to wait until tomorrow to see how much sense the Americans have.

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Monday, November 01, 2004

Hallalujah Holloween!

It was Holloween yesterday. As always, I had a brilliant idea for a costume. 1. You go and buy a pink jump suit. 2. Wear it 3. Put a chair on top of you head. And voilaaaa! You are le chewing gum underneath le chair. Cool and original hunh? As always I never got to dress up and a friend of mine borrowed my idea. She looked fab! I was jealous, but that didn't stop me from scaring away kids who came to my house for trick or treating. And yeah, any idiot who says it's easy to snatch a candy from a child, has NEVER really tried to take a candy from a child. They will die but they won't let go of candy. I'm proud to say I was one of those kids once.

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