Monday, June 20, 2005

Hallalujah VACATION!

Heading for my three week trip to New England and Canada in just a couple of hours. The suitcases are packed, my cell and portable DVD player all charged up (incase the flight doesn't have a TV), my magazines all ready and extra junk food all packed incase my baby brother (who is even taller than me now) gets hungry and starts acting hulk-ish. Yeah, he is a tag along in my wonderful trip. My parents wouldn't even THINK of letting me go without the annoying, hulking and always hungry little "bodyguard". What bugs me is he is only 12 and already 5'7. The kid is heading on to his goal of standing shoulder to shoulder beside Shaquille O' Neal one day. (Inshallah). Anyhow, where was I? Oh yes, the glorious trip! How did it all happen? Well, me and my sweetheart nutty Bushi were having our regular 3 hour long girly chats on the phone one day, that all of us a sudden we came up with a brilliant plan to spend our summer togather. Absolutely Euphoric, we called up Shani, my other nutty cousin with who we used to do the monkey walk with only 6 months before her marriage, she as always, was delighted and made up a schedule of how we are going to spend our delightful 3 weeks. Her husband, would remain our faithful "chaffeur" during our pleasent journey.

First Week:
Arrive to Delaware on Tuesday the 21st. Bushi has decided to spend the day shopping and giving me a makeover from my "Oh so hideeeeous, t-shirts and ripped jeans, and buying some nice lovely GIRLY clothes and some makeup and even a haircut and highlights and... " Other plans that week include horseriding in the farms of delaware, a movie marathon day, more shopping and sightseeing in delaware and learning how to cook desi food (mom's secret request to Bush). Weekend we head to see Shani and Pervez bhai in NJ.. and with them we will head to Canada and visit Chinatown in Toronto, Niagra falls and enjoy every possible restaurant we come across.

Second and Third Week:
Bushi and Shani officially take 2 weeks off from their jobs and we go touring around Baltimore, Maryland; Hyrshey's Park, Pennsylvania; The Quaker/Amish civilization tour, Pennsylvania; Washington D.C tour; Boston (a surprise); shopping and hanging out Time's square NY; doing something in NJ (still a surprise); watching 4th of July fireworks; and many other plans the sisters have come up with that I don't have a clue of! All I know is that in our schedule for the 2nd and 3rd week there is not even one day where we relax, kickball and chill.

Making my parents agree to send us turned out to be really easy. Here's a tip; if you ever want to ask for something big.. lure your parents with your report card with straight A's. They'll melt into a puddle of joy and grant you ANY wish (as long as its not smoking pot). They regret dreadfully as the house is going to be very lonely without us. I have called up my friends and asked them to keep my parents company, you know just show up one day "accidently" with pizza and keep 'em company. If I wasn't going to my khala's house, I too would get terribly homesick. What am I talking about? I'm going to miss home alot.

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