Sunday, June 19, 2005

A silly poem

Yeah I wrote this silly Orlando Bloom poem for this one website thingy. Dreadful as it is, it happens to be special as it happens to be my wait.. 3rd, no 4th poem written by me in my life. My first ever poem was on a leprechaun and it went like "Aye, me a fine ol' leppy with me pot o' gold beside de rainbow." I'll post the rest if I find it. The 2nd and 3rd were forced for my english class and because they were so pathetico, I "purposely" lost 'em. So behold ye all:

Fell in love with those crystal blue eyes,
those golden hair, that gorgeous elfen
smile, when he sliced up those ugly orcs
with his bow and arrow and the fellowship of
Aaragon, Gimli and Frodo

I saw his career bloom
as I watched him, mesmerized, with the
swashbuckler Jack Sparrow, ready to walk
the plan for his dear Elizebeth as the duo
set the ugly cursed pirates of the
Black Pearl to their doom

Silly girls of 16, sitting behind the
school's old chestnut tree
giggling, gossiping and fighting over who
should be the blessed one to marry Mr. Bloom
and at the end compromised to commit

Oh sweet fickle memories,
how distant do they seem!
For Orlando Bloom, dude, you are now
HISTORY as now I'm "in love with idea of love"
with Jude Law.

(Kidding about the Jude Law part)

Sui Generis at 2:48 PM


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