Wednesday, August 31, 2005

If only I had some more time...

The senior year has begun *runs around throwing tantrums*. Shouldn't that be a pleasent thought? I think not, and you will agree with me is you have a glimpse at my schedule..

AP English
Ap Chemistry
Analytic Geometry
AP statistics
AP European history

The amount of homework I get in those AP classes will drive even the most sane person up the wall. As for me, I was never sane anyway.

Clubs I have decided to join in my senior year: Young Democrats, Model U.N (hoping to be the treasurer), Teen Volunteers, Mu Alpha Theta (probably running for V.Pres), National Honor Society, Current Events Club (I happen to be the co-founder), Medical Exploration (elected secretary last meeting yippeee).

And ofcourse, newspaper is a category of it's own. They promoted me to be the editor this year. *runs around in ellipses* What am I to do? A goofball like me... leading and taking responsibility of the goofball crew and their dozens of articles as well as writing mine? *throws a fit*

And yes, Tennis. How short and pleaseant does this phrase sound "I'm in tennis," what you don't know is that behind this little phrase is HOURS of practice, dedication and TIME (something I am running short of these days).

How am I going to survive? Filling out those fricking scholarships takes about 3-4 hours each. And how many should I apply for mom? "Several, honey." What is that supposed to mean mom? "Oh, atleast 20 to 30.. comon I know my baby can do it." I am still undecided about my colleges, for all I know I could be going to Oklahoma University or Vanderbilt Uni or Rice Uni or Baylor or UConn or John Hopkins or even Stanford. Those stupid college application takes years to fill.

So I might'nt even be regular on my blog anymore. (I don't remember being regular anyway). I'll post one of my editorials, pictures, reviews once in a while.

So keep visiting you non-commenting blog-lurkers.

Sui Generis at 7:33 PM


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