Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Serial Procrastinator

I went brain-dead in the middle of a presantation today. I worked so hard on it.. don't know what happened. It's not that I lack speaking skills or anything, heck I was choosen the best speaker many times in seech/debate class; ugh it was an awful experience. I dunt quite remember the details exactly, and had a horible realezation that I was doing a horrible speech. When it hit me I just stood their dumb-struck for a long minute.. 30+ eyes glued examining my every move, my every word. And all I could say was "Ummm..." And ended the presentation abruptly. Ugh I feel terrible. I discussed it at length with a friend and according to her it is all because of my procrastination. Yeah, let's face it.. I AM a serial procrastinatator. Maybe my getting 3 hours of sleep everyday for a week at the same time overwerking myself could lead to going brain-dead. It so happins that I HAD to go brain-dead in the middle of a presentation. Senioritis is also kiciking in big time. I can't even stay on long enough to finish this post because I have been kicking myself in the shins to get done with homework first. Once I start doing hw, there is no chance of me coming back. Pardon my spilling mistakes uncoherent post and my excesive full stops. Another side efect of going brain dead is zat you kant rite animore, let alone think.

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I am loud and obnoxious around those who know me. My friends call me "dangerously" positive as I am usually not able to see the "negative" side of things. Ever. I like to laugh and live life to the fullest and don't understand people who can't. I have lived all over the world. My Pakistani background, my American accent, my Irish hospitality and my Iranian appetite all blend pretty well to shape who I am. I cant help but notice that how similar I am to everybody else, yet how absolutely SuiGeneris.

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Make Chai, Not War.

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