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After 6 months of not showing up, due to lack of time, to the cubicle of a mosque (its actually a rented 3 gigantic bedroom house) in our little suburban town with a muslim community of approx less than a 100 people, I decided to accompany my parents, in order to escape hearing the how-all-muslims-should-stick-togather lecture. The mosque was just the way I left it half an year ago. Same tiny parking lot that is always short of space, same little building whose every inch recieves 200 V of lights, same old affable faces that know you by name, same little brats running back and forth the rooms as if it were a playground. I had to be extra careful not to accidently step on some little foot or worse, a head. My hand ached after going around the entire room, shaking hands with every single of those aunties, with a smile - or else they'd think you're some spoiled rude brat, and would enlighten others around the community with the same opinion in less than 24 hours. When the time came for iftaar, I was astonished to most of the ladies still looking so good and fresh while thier children looked as if they would collapse from starvation (I really need to find out what kind of makeup they use).

Despite the small community of muslims, our little mosque is representative of the entire muslim population: Pakistanis, arabics, iranians, asian, africans and even americans/europeans - all so immersed in prayers and able to contribute their time to the mosque despite their hectic schedules. Every time I go to the mosque I learn something new that inspires me for e.g. today I learned about a lady who is so adamant about fasting despite being severly diabetic and hypertensive and on the verge of passing out at the end of the day.I felt ashamed at the end for not spending much time there after a powerful commentary by the imam, I still feel disconcerted about not being able to devote as much time to the quran and getting out of the habbit of praying namaz 5 times .... a week; I am left with a powerful urge to do something worthwhile that would benefit others for a change.

Ramadan is the time when we realize how selfish and so wrapped up in ourselves we've been, so ignorant and apathetic to the world around us, it gives us a chance to get better recount and correct our flaws, helps us build patience that would last atleast most of the year(depending on how strictly you adhered to fasting) and reminds us of still all those impoverished hungry people around the world that have barely anything nutritious to eat or sanitary to drink, reminds us that how better off we are than millions, yet not as grateful. All this we forget again pretty soon - lost in worldly pleasures- again to be reminded same time around, an year or -for some- years later.

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