Sunday, November 06, 2005


Our Newspaper came out this Friday. The school of 2500 kids, 400 faculty, 10 - 20,000 parents/relatives (you have no idea how scary these stats can be) in our community read the newspaper with high expectations. And this year I think we finally have met their expectations. Our newspaper has been labelled "the best" (my dream come true!) in the entire school district despite being a completely student run publication. And why shouldn't it? Our newspaper crew is awesome. I worked really hard on this issue (reason for my absence from MP/msn) along with my buddy and fellow editor Sarah Foster nights and days, finding news and making people write stories, laying out pages, editing articles, finding pictures and collecting money by ads to cover the cost of publishing the newspaper. Man, I had to spend like half of my eid running around the printing agency. My Intelligent design/evolution article was front page (nerveracking! ahhh) and made a lot of people "think" (part of my secret plan) despite my objectivity. It was my turn this issue to do the She said opinion piece on which I just BSd my way through (I am getting increasingly good at BSing). My hurricane/ earthquake hardcore-support-Pakistan-or-DIE opinion piece didn't get published this issue because it wasn't fair for some of our reporters who didn't even get one story published when I had two ginormous ones.

I am really very happy and relieved at this point. I have to go make up those hours of sleep I squandered away working and worrying about our newspaper. In the meantime you guys can check it out here (stick around; it will take some time to load). I need more ideas to write about for the upcoming issue.

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