Tuesday, January 11, 2005

It is so absolutely amazingly hard to get straight A's all the time. "You are smart, you just have to sit around and even then you'll make an A." says a friend. Well guess what honey? It always doesn't work that way, even though I deeply wish that it did. Straight A's in AP classes means you turn into an absolute nerd with no life, no sleep and no food (you forget to feed yourself). But I am willing to do my best unlike the 75% of the kids in high school whose sole purpose is to eat, sleep, poop and die. Why don't they understand that there is more to life than that? "You're just naturally smart. And we are not" well to be smart I work hard, do all my work unlike you guys who think they are stupid and lie around like faggots.

Anyhow, I'm pretty stressed out right now. Finals start in two days. I worked hard all semester in all the classes and pulled off an A but somehow I have the feeling that I am going to do really bad in the finals and all my hardwork would go down the drain. My GPA is going to drop. Colleges won't accept me. Everyone will think I am a looser. And soon I'll be nobody. Oh why can't I be like that 7th grader Asian kid in my Calculus class who is already accepted into harvard? WHY? why? WHHHYYYYYY?

Consider me dead for a few days until my exams. Sorry about the frustrating post.

Sui Generis at 6:13 AM


Thursday, January 06, 2005

OU Sooners

Ugh, it was absolutely horrible to watch the Orange Bowl final yesterday against OU vs. USC and see the Oklahoma Sooner's loose after a staggering 12 victories to 0 losses throughout the NFL (national football league) season. For those of you who don't know, Oklahoma Uni has been in the nation's top 5 football teams for several years! It has won several national titles. Located in the small town called Norman, OU is 15 mins away from my house. It's the university I'm going to after I graduate. It's the university on which Oklahoma is known for. Even though all my life I have aspired for Harvard or Yale, I soon realized that even if I make it to these universities I probably won't go. "You study where we stay, I won't let you rot in a dorm seven seas away" says my mom. Plus OU is not that bad, actually it is the best Uni in Oklahoma. Yes, they might have lost the NFL title this year, but they are 2nd best in the nation so far. 2nd best in the world perhaps since Am. football is only an American thing. And with coach like Bob Stoops, they are bound to win some titles in the upcoming years. As you might have figured, the town where I live is all about football. People watch football, people talk football, people write football, people dream football, people live on football. If you play football even in high school you are a star. All the girls want to date football players. Football players are treated like demi-gods.

What's so cool about football anyways if you look at it? I think it's just a stupid red-neck thing. A bunch of buff-guys-without-brains jumping on eachother to get a stupid oval ball and run less than fifty yards with it. Even I can do better. But I'd be murdered if I mentioned something like that among the Oklahoma public. And since almost half of the Americans are die-hard football fans.. I've learnt to shut up and tag along.

Gooooo Soooooooooners!!


Sui Generis at 5:03 PM


Monday, January 03, 2005

Happy new year!

It's 2005! This fact didn't sink in until the monday morning when I had to drag myself by the hair, back to school, of the bed only to doze off on the sofa downstairs until I got a nice punch directly on my arms from my little brother which hurt all day. After having a battle of conscience whether to give a biggo kick my brother back on the deriere or not when I got back home, I reached school, only to be greeted with bleary-eyed kids and grouchy teachers. Without saying a word of "hi, hello, happy new year?!" the teachers started off "Uh, where did we leave off on the notes again?". But even though I remained optimistic. Until 4th hour. When I absolutely forgot about the major 5% of my grade assignment due, and then I lost all hope in life. And spent the rest of the day sulking around.

If it wasn't for Ashley who dragged me in her Subaru to Jamba Juice to get me my favourite cherryberry smothie, I'd have chopped my little brother in little pieces and fed him to the vultures in the Sahara. But he was saved. And I spent the rest of the way back home singing with Bowling for Soup's 1985 with Ash on top of our voices just for the heck of it.

I came home to read my last year's resolution only to further increase my grouchiness. And swore to myself never to write any resolution again.. ever.

Anyhow, guys a very happy new year to you all!

Sui Generis at 5:29 PM


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